Rinpoche’s message

Message from 
Latri Nyima Dakpa Rinpoche
This week I would like to offer you two quotations to think about.
The first is a quotation from Tonpa Shenrab, Founder and enlighten teacher of Bon.
“Take an example of yourself and so don’t ever give harm to others.”
Think well from deep inside you and summarize the meaning you learn from this advice of Tonpa Shenrab.
The Second is an advice from the great Dzogchen Yogi, now as “Je sun Trotsang Drug Lah” 956-1077.
This advice of this teaching is very spontaneous and given on the spot as per circumstances.  This advice is given to few Monks in return to their request of a blessing from him.
  • Get blessing from within your own mind.
  • Be generous to those are in poverty.
  • Practice patience with those who are fierce and wild in conduct.
  • May you generate compassion to those who are helpless.
  • Do virtuous deeds of three doors (Body, Speech and Mind) . and  apply them for the benefit to others then to self alone.
  • Be that as a blessing if you are seeking for the blessing.
Read these stanzas from time to time, think to understand the meaning of it and summarize within yourself to confirm.  Reflect how this advice can give you a profound sense of self and how this can help give you a more meaningful life .
I am always here for you, and can be reached atrinpoche@yeruboncenter.org
With blessing.
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