Rinpoche’s weekly message

Tashi Delek

 Precious and Priceless

There are many things we believe to be precious and priceless.  Take a moment to think what you consider to be precious and priceless. Maybe it’s a child, a pet, or a tangible item like a car.

Have you thought about life?   This life, your life, my life  is precious and priceless. We must be mindful and aware of the value of our life ~ Precious and Priceless.  We must also be aware of the uncertainty of how long we may have our life.

Therefore, it is important to think positively in every aspect of your life.   Take care of your body, speech and mind.  Work on your spiritual path of compassion, loving kindness, joy, and happiness  Cultivate satisfaction into your life.

Natural satisfaction in your precious and priceless life is really about happiness.  It is simple.  With no disappointment and no complaints, all is good and happy for your precious and priceless life.

We must do our level best to cultivate our life in the right way, at the right time.  Bring natural satisfaction to your precious and priceless life.

I wish for all to take time to consider your life.  Be happy.  Be conscious of your life.  Be conscious of your strength to transform your precious and priceless life to be happy.

With Blessings,
Nyima Rinpoche

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