Rinpoche’s message

  To all  members of ” Tsog Dhe”.
Dear all the boards of my Centers and students around the world,
It is again the time arises to reflect on  what we achieved in the past specially in the year which  is close to it’s Journey a way from us, and what we learn to use in every day life on the basis of eternal Bon teaching of Tonpa Shenrab to benefit both our selves and to others as well.
At the same time it is Human nature to appreciate to whom we feel close  to our heart and loving once thanking them for there genuine Love, compassion and honesty to make our friendship stronger trust worth further and deepening relationship among, students,family and with Teacher  and cherish it with happiness and express each other such karmic  bond.
Make our Spiritual family growth in developing  practice both individual level and community level as well friendship among each other, regardless of which  “Tsog Dhe” (sanskrit Sangha) you belongs, after all it is rooted with enlighten teacher Tonpa Shenrab’s  teaching of Bon.
As practitioner our Temporal goal is opening our warm heart for all beings including among our spiritual brothers and sisters and try controlling own five emotional Poisons, make self and other happy and healthy environment  community , the ultimate goal is to free from the suffering of cyclic  existence, it only take place when you could eliminate Ignorance  permanently.
So new year should be your new opportunity to make better person with better and clean thoughts in you meant positive thought, positive action for self and all to benefit instead of only self gaining thought.
Then you will have great new year to start and clear path to carry on for whole year to live with joy and positively, which will make you happy life and meaning full life instead of only Happy life.
So my wish, pray and blessing is for the coming new year of 2016 may be the  productive spiritual development to each and every individual practitioners, and such energy and pure  motive on the first day of the new Year may bring the whole world in harmony and peace on the earth.
I wish you all very happy new year of 2016 and encourage to all think on above my words for to make the new year meaningful in your life  for others as well.  You all are in my thought and pray.
With  Love your Teacher,
Latri Nyima Dakpa Rinpoche.
from sMenri the Mother Monastery of  all Bon believers.