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Yungdrung Bon Centers

Yungdrung Bon Centers founded by Latri Khenpo Nyima Dakpa Rinpoche : Belarus Shenchen Ling, Minsk, Belarus Canada Yeru, Montreal, Canada ( Poland Shardza Ling Institute, Poland Ukraine Bon Gyi Drup De, Donetsk, Ukraine Bon Shen Drup De, Kharkov, Ukraine USA Yeru Bon Center, Los Angeles, USA Tise Ling, Alaska, USA

Yungdrung Bon Teachings

videos on youtube: “Life’s Last Journey” as a conclusion of the conference “Journey of Life and Mind” (2012) – with Russian subtitles Introduction into five inner elements of our Body and their function in  everyday life (webcast from 22.04.2014) – with Russian subtitles Nine purifyings breaths. Meditation for peace and mental harmony (webcast from 18.04.2014) – with Russian … Read more