Nyima Dakpa Rinpoche safely return home at sMenri, BCH

Dear  all ,
I wish to let you all know I am safely reach Home at sMenri  and BCH after one and half month teaching tour in several cities in Quebec provinces Canada.
It turn  out very joyful and reunion of friends and students after almost tow years,  The President of my center and my student Mr Jacques and his wife Michelin and others board have done great Job for organizing all teaching and gathering events, so I like to thank them for there hard work and love and affection.
It feels great peace and relaxing  at Monastery specially with environment of H.H.the 33rd sMenri Trizin Rinpoche presents spiritual head of hall Bon and specially  one of my root teacher, having opportunity to meet and sharing all sort of issues and most important to receiving blessing every day it is priceless and rear karma to have such .
Yeh besid to see innocent and loving my children, there bright eyes wide smile on face showing happiness well coming me to BCH among them and watching there wilderness and also laziness of some too over all is really life of  human kind, I enjoy that and is best way to hell all tiredness of tour in the minutes there touching, holding hands and part of cloths and looking towards you bright and shining there eyes.
In few days we are looking for ward to well coming to Mr David Petler and his son Jason, one of the my long term friend, mean supporter to BCH and  one of my earliest  American students as well the President of my Center call ” Yeru Bon Center” Minneapolis .
Once again I like to take this opportunity to heart felt thanks for Jacques and his team for all there hard work and also to others too because all of you have work very hard in there respective filed and purpose .
All children are doing good in health and study there part and staff of BCH do the  same thing as usual  to make all peace and administrated level.
My pray and blessing too all from the bottom of my heart.
Yours Nyima Rinpoche.