From developers

The  Abbot of the Latri Monastery,  Latri Lineage holder, Spiritual Master traveling all around the world, generously sharing the ancient wisdom of Youngdrung Bon, Bon Children’s Home director, who has always helped and supported  all current and ex-  BCH students – all these and many other lines of work are done by one person- Latri Khenpo Nyima Dakpa Rinpoche.

Deeply appreciating Latri Rinpoche’s  continuous effort in spreading the  Youngdrung Bon Tradition among modern people and His endless  help  to those who are in need, we really wanted to collect more information about Latri Rinpoche in one place.

But, as site makers, we are amateurs.

All mistakes are only our fault.

We are hoping we shall be  improving and we’ll be filling the site with information as we develop, so please be patient. We shall appreciate any advice.

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