World Health celebration in BCH

World Health Day, 7th April, 2015 001
From Phuntsok Dhargyal
April 7th, is consider as a World Health Day. So, on this day with help of Health worker of Tibetan Bonpo Settlement, Dolanji Miss. Lhakpa Bhuti, we have organized a health talk to our Children with a short video on Dental Care. The main topic in her talk was food safety and important of Dental Care.
The health talk was started around 10:30 am at BCH dining hall and end at around 12:30pm. She has given her best to let children know important of health from the basic. Such as how to wash your hand before taking anything and what will cause if we eat anything without washing our hand.  During the talk, she has also introduced our children important teeth and how takes care of our teeth with help of short video.
I am sure that such program definitely helps our children to understand the important of our health and gain knowledge about different type disease which cause due to lack of knowledge.
We like to thank her for wonder talk on health.