Rinpoche’s weekly message


Tashi Delek to everyone,

I am very happy to offer a weekly message to everyone to contemplate every week.  This is my gift to you to offer thoughts and to help you with your very busy week.

This week I would like to ask you “What do you think about your life?”

As you go about your week, consider asking yourself  How do you wish to live your life?  Just Surviving?  Are you living a good and healthy life, or a meaningful life?

I am asking you to take time to think about your answers, get clear answers with reasonable reasons.   Why do you believe you are living the choice of life you have now?  Think about the life you would like to have, perhaps you have a good and healthy life, a proper balance of mind, body and speech.   Then you are on a path proper for your life, but if not, what would you need to do to have a happy and balanced life.

You have a choice in the life you would like to live, never too late to make internal changes.

I wish for all to take time to consider your life, be happy, be conscious of your life and the strength transform your life to be happy.

Bon is about compassion, wisdom and help to others, if I can help you, please feel you can contact me.

With Blessings,
Nyima Rinpoche