Rinpoche completed His personal retreat

all my students and Tsog mi  ” Sangha ” Members of all my Centers, and well wishers,  as you all know I have been in my personal retreat from 18- December 2016 till 4rth Feb 2017.
During the retreat I have not use any Social media channels, except some emergency cases or Urgent
by ” Drub Thonpa ” Zodpa, who trained from Triten Norbu Tse Monastery, now is assisting and traveling with me .
So, I am back again to continue all my normal responsibilities and traveling to all my Centers and carrying teaching schedule as usual and will see you all  personally .
In my retreat I have pray and dedicate   to all sentient beings happy and healthy meaningful life and specially for world peace and harmony  Of course i thought in my pray and Meditation  all of you and pray for all yours spiritual growth realization .
I also like to thank you to all Boards of individual organization and organizers and supporters, this is how we all can serve for our Teaching and serving for others by being good practitioner
So with this I also like to wishes you all a Tibetan new Year which is coming very soon by end of this Month.
My pray and blessing and Love to all of you and see you soon as well.
Losar Tashi Deleg.
Yours Nyima Rinpoche.
On the photo:Rinpoche at the last moment of His Retreat in retreat House on 4th Feb 2017.