Dec 23

Oficial letter from Yung Drung Bon Monastic Center Society about Tagdil – ancient Young Drung Bon tradition of choosing the New Spiritual Head of Yung Drung Bon

Dec 23

The process of selecting the new sMenri Trizin has began. Rinpoche encourages all practitioners to join the prayer

The process of selecting the new sMenri Trizin has begun. The geshes at sMenri are following the ancient Bön tradition of Tagdil.

The geshes at sMenri Monastery have invoked the protectors and deities of sMenri to witness this auspicious event, and to choose the right candidate to be the next 34th sMenri Trizin. The Yungdrung Bön Monastic Center at sMenri asks all Bönpos around the world to pray to Sidpa Gyalmo and other protectors to choose the right candidate as their 34th sMenri Trizin. They ask us to pray that this process be carried out without any external or internal obstructions, to protect and expand Yungdrung Bön.

Latri Nyima Dakpa Rinpoche has asked practitioners to pray the Invocation of Yeshe Walmo, one of the protectors of sMenri Monastery. The text of this prayer is included.

Nov 15

5th Annual Global Prayer event for World Peace

Yeru Bön Center and Latri Nyima Dakpa Rinpoche invite Bön practitioners and friends of Bön to participate in our fifth annual Global Prayer and Meditation event.

This year’s global prayer event will be February 20, 2018, The birthday anniversary of Nyamed Shenrab Gyaltsen, the founder of sMenri Monastery, the main monastery of Bön.
On this auspicious day, every prayer we pray is multiplied by 100,000. On that day, we ask all practitioners to pray and meditate for a minimum of one hour anytime between 7:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. within their time zones.  Gather as a shangha, by yourself, in a private place or public.
Please read the original announcement

Nov 03

Rinpoche met with a group of BCH graduates during His short visit to Nepal

Meeting On 25-October at Stupa view restaurant in Baudhanath  Kathmandu Nepal  organized by X-  BCH boys n girls having get together during Rinpoche’s short visit in Nepal.   Rinpoche was very happy to see so many of them  there.  Vice President Tashi Dolma reported  their annual activities in which they have taken part n what they could help to others as well n there plan. Rinpoche is  very pleased they all grown n responsible person etc. which makes Him and BCH staff very proud n happy for them.

Sep 16

His Holiness the 33rd sMenri Trizin passed away

To all my students and Bonpos,

There is very sad news today.  On September 14, 2017 at 6:25 pm, His Holiness the 33rd sMenri Trizin, the spiritual leader of all Bonpos, left his cosmic body [peacefully], and attained the state of enlightenment at his own Ladarng in sMenri, the mother monastery of the Bon tradition.

Many Rinpoches, Geshes and Monks of sMenri and I were present at His Holiness’s passing, as well as lay people who came to pay their respects.

His Holiness has remained in meditation since then.  The Rinpoches, Geshes and Monks of sMenri are all doing prayers and reciting mantras.  The villagers of Dolanji are circumambulating the monastery as well.

My advice to all my centers is to do a “Tsewang Monlam” prayer.  You should also mediate and connect to His Holiness and receive blessings from him.

We will hold a public audience for his cosmic body, and also the funeral ceremonies with a fire puja.  The funeral ceremonies will take place on October 2, 2017.

I strongly recommend that anyone who can come for either of these dates, should come. It will be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and the last chance to receive a blessing from His Holiness’ cosmic body.

Until then, please do as many virtuous actions as you can, such as doing practice and other virtuous deeds, with dedication for the benefit of all.  By doing this, you will also accumulate great merit and blessings for yourself.



Latri Khenpo Nyima Dakpa Rinpoche.

sMenri Monastery

Dolanji, India    


Tsewang Monlam is here

Jun 03

Rinpoche’s interview in Poland (June 2, 2017)


While staying in Wroclaw, Poland, Rinpoche was invited to give an interview by Krystyna Maciag. The conversation took place on June 2, 2017. You can see the recording here.  The interview is in English with Polish translation.

Apr 25

20th Anniversary of the first Bon Teaching in Belarus, Russia and Ukraine


We remember like it was yeaterday…But it was in 1997…

Latri Khenpo Nyima Dakpa Rinpoche was the first Lama to ever bring Bon Teaching to Belarus, Russia and Ukraine.

His first visit to Belarus took place in April 1997.

Shenchen Ling Center ( Bon Center founded by Latri Nyima Dakpa Rinpoche in Belarus) decided to celebrate this important Anniversary with practice. 

For ten days between April,15 and April,24 they recited Tsewang Rigzin Mantra.

21 people from Russia, Belarus and Ukraine were doing this practice at their own homes. 

The practitioners accumulated 200 thousand of Tsewang Rigzin mantra and dedicated this practice  to Rinpoche’s health. 

Dear Rinpoche, please accept, our humble offering.

Dear Rinpoche, we are very greatfull  to You for showing us the Way, we wish You strong health and a long life!



A Photo of  Shenlha O’Khar’s thannka signed by Rinpoche during His first Teachings in Belarus (April,1997).



Mar 03

The Fourth Annual 24 Hour Global Prayer is on March,3

Everyone is welcome to join the Global prayer for peace!

Read about the prayer and register here

Rinpoche chanting Zhigyir prayer


Feb 12

Rinpoche completed His personal retreat

all my students and Tsog mi  ” Sangha ” Members of all my Centers, and well wishers,  as you all know I have been in my personal retreat from 18- December 2016 till 4rth Feb 2017.
During the retreat I have not use any Social media channels, except some emergency cases or Urgent
by ” Drub Thonpa ” Zodpa, who trained from Triten Norbu Tse Monastery, now is assisting and traveling with me .
So, I am back again to continue all my normal responsibilities and traveling to all my Centers and carrying teaching schedule as usual and will see you all  personally .
In my retreat I have pray and dedicate   to all sentient beings happy and healthy meaningful life and specially for world peace and harmony  Of course i thought in my pray and Meditation  all of you and pray for all yours spiritual growth realization .
I also like to thank you to all Boards of individual organization and organizers and supporters, this is how we all can serve for our Teaching and serving for others by being good practitioner
So with this I also like to wishes you all a Tibetan new Year which is coming very soon by end of this Month.
My pray and blessing and Love to all of you and see you soon as well.
Losar Tashi Deleg.
Yours Nyima Rinpoche.
On the photo:Rinpoche at the last moment of His Retreat in retreat House on 4th Feb 2017.

Dec 21

Bon Students in different countries participated in Tenshuk ceremonies for His Holiness sMenri Trizin Rinpoche


Following Latri Nyima Dakpa Rinpoche’s advise and invitation to join the Tenshuk Ceremonies dedicated to His Holiness sMenri Trizin, conducted in sMenri Monastery, Shenchen Ling Center organized group prayers and invited other Bon Groups to join.

We are happy to inform everyone that on the main day of the Ceremonies, November 1, 2017, many people got together to pray for His Holiness’s health and Long Life. People who do not have a group in their city, practiced alone, but we all were either on the phone or in Skype before or after the practice.
We are all grateful to Rinpoche for inviting us, because it was a powerful practice and a wonderful opportunity for all of us to participate in such a great event.
We are all located in different cities, but we are connected by the means of practice and essentially we are together.
On the photo you can see participants from Saint Petersburg (The Bon Community of Saint Petersburg)(Russia), Shen Chen Ling Bon Community, Minsk(Belarus), Grodno(Belarus), Kyiv(Ukraine), Lugansk(Ukraine), Bon Gyi Drup Dhe Bon Community, Donetsk (Ukraine), Bon Shen Drup Dhe Bon Community, Kharkiv (Ukraine).

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